in 20 states
and counting.


Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale Bible Church had an enormous, gorgeous outdoor style campus, peppered with desert plant arrangements and adobe colored walls. We grew to really like this area. The greater Phoenix area is one of the only major cities in which our comments on fellow highway travelers were not only positive, but at a reasonable volume. Thanks to the production and design teams at Words of Wow for such incredible new interactive pieces. Never have we done a theme so interactive and zany. Can't wait to get back to the desert!


Chula Vista, CA

This trip was one incredible journey, and one of our largest installations to-date! It all begins with a new company van and a crew road trip from the heart of Texas, to the sunny golden coast. Our van was a true beast that held its end of the bargain all three weeks of the install from Dallas back to Dallas. Has been able to start since. She will be missed.. This long haul installation was one of our most challenging yet favorite ones yet. Huge, heavey objects being hung from the ceiling, massive sheets of wallcover, and all the distractions of California. We had a great time here and look very much forward to working with this organization in future projects.
Design and production by Worlds of Wow.


Brookings, SD

What an awesome trip this ended up being! We arrived driving through a blizzard and witnessed this rolling land absolutely blanketed with snow, and then melted away, like a timelapse of the seasons in real time. Also the first time any of us had stepped foot on a frozen lake! The midwest truly has some of the nicest folks, and we'll be back out here any time they'll have us.


Anchorage, AK

Anchorage is a strange, isolated place. Tucked away underneath Alaska's frigid belly, Anchorage hails as the largest city in the vast frontier. The word "frontier" is no exaggeration or euphemism. Everywhere you look, evidence of struggle, resourcefulness, and wild persist to maintain the rugged reputation of it's land and inhabitants. Patch-worked and eccentric architecture blend the city in time, old materials being salvaged in new designs. The people of Anchorage are strong, hard-willed, and appreciative. This was one of those journeys we will always remember, our only regret was leaving so soon. Another over-the-top production by Worlds of Wow, this large campus was transformed into the local airport. This one presented a lot of tough new challanges we ended up hitting out of the park such as fabricating the baggage claim, hanging the huge murals in the stairwells, and trying not to get eaten by bears!


Valparaiso, IN

Valpo, as the locals call it, really took us be surprise. These are some of the most kind-hearted, welcoming, lovely people we have ever met. The mid-west is sincerely underrated.